12 Angry Men by Talita E. Sigillo

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Talita E. Sigillo
Final draft W.A.C
Based on the movie «12 angry men»

In the movie «12 angry men», one can explore a variety of fallacies and generalizations. Each juror except for one comes in with a verdict of «Guilty», but by using critical thinking the reasons to support their claim are dismissed one by one. Except for Juror number three who is the last one to change his verdict. He disregards all critical reasoning and sticks to his initial claim using multiple fallacies to support it. He is clearly prejudiced towards the defendant no mater the evidence brought forward to him. Only at the end does he realize that all this time he was seeing his own son in the eyes of this boy, a son that had «disrespected» the father. Him. Following are only some of the multiple fallacies juror number three used to support his claim.

One of the very first fallacies juror number three uses is «begging the question. » This is when one states an opinion as though it is a well known fact. When he first enters the room he claims «everyone knows he is guilty!! » and when asked by the critical thinker to explain the reasons for his claim the juror answers: «everything Says he is guilty» by using this reason he again is «begging the question» and simultaneously uses «Circular reasoning» since he restates his claim as though it is reason.

Moreover when analyzing the two testimonies, the critical thinker finds ways to prove that there is a reasonable doubt in the two witnesses testimonies. Again juror number three uses more than one fallacy to claim that he has no reasonable doubt. It was brought to their attention that the woman who testified that she had seen the boy kill the father couldn’t actually see someone clearly. This claim was supported with the following reason and train of thought: The glimpse of the murder was seen through her bedroom window, the window of the moving train, across the street and through the victim’s apartment window. «Could, who the woman...
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