“12 Angry Men”

Topics: Jury, Not proven, Verdict Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: August 20, 2008
There are 12 men on a jury. The trial is just finishing when the movie begins and the jurors must go into their deliberations to decide on a verdict. All of the jurors except for one believe that the defendant is guilty. The whole movie is about the jurors’ deliberations and how the other 11 jurors are trying to convince the 1 dissenting juror that the defendant is guilty while the 1 dissenting juror tries to convince the other 11 jurors that the defendant is not guilty. The movie is set in 1957

Central Message:
There is more to the movie than what meets the eye. People tend to overlook or assume things because of cultural stereotypes and or biases. People also overlook important issues due to the desire to fit in with the group.

Meaning of the Movie:
America and society many times focus on cultural biases rather than facts and common logic. This was done in the 1950’s with racism towards blacks and is continues today along with other forms of racism, such as Arab racism. All through history we have judges on cultural stereotypes instead of the facts or fear and or the need to conform to the group. The mindset helps the audience understand the time period of the movie. It lets people know in a not so subtle way that we should not just base our opinions on people on stereotypes but who the person truly is. In 12 angry men, the jurors thought that because the boy did not come from your typical “nuclear family” that he was inheritantly bad.

Aspect to History:
The movie helped me understand the typical mindset of the average 1950’s male. It also more clearly defined the gender roles. There were no women present in the court seen as well as no women jurors. I did however find it interesting that there was a women’s lavatory in the jury room but no women were there. The movie exemplified how the average 1950’s man thought less of people who were not like them. Who did not have the luxuries that they had (a solid, stable family, tickets to...
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