12 Angry Man Skit

Topics: Sleep, Mother, 2003 singles Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Armon Newsome – Watson
Freshman English
29 March 2013
12 Angry Men Prequel
The story starts two days before the death of a mid-age man. The story starts on a raining Sunday night. A young boy named john is getting ready to go out with his friends but he was stop by his father at the front door. Father [As he comes down the stairs]: WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU GOING!!!!! Boy: Out with my friends

Father [Angrily]: Close the door right now and go back up those stairs and get ready for school tomorrow RIGHT NOW! Boy: Why can’t I just live life a little without you always yelling at me. Father: Go to your room and don’t let me tell you this again okay. Boy: will can my friends at least come inside.

Father: NO!
Later that night John let his friends sneaked inside the house while his father was asleep. John: Come on hurry up
Father waking up hearing things in his son’s room. He quickly turns on the lights to see his son not in his room. Father: JOHN where are you at.
John: I’m in the bathroom now leave me alone.
Father: I’m sorry for that I’m going back to sleep now stop making so much noise and go to sleep okay goodnight. John: Okay father
As father closes the door he opens it right back up and then heard his son open the door of the bathroom then goes into his room. As father is trying to go to sleep John and his friends are about to sneak out to go to a party. John you know what I’m not going to go I will stay here and go to sleep I forgot that I had school in the mourning so you guys can just go without me I will be fine. While his friends were about to live they stop at the front door to tell John to forget about school and that he can always go the next day. Then John stop to think about rather he should go or not but he made the right choices to stay on and go to sleep. It’s the next day John stayed home from school because he over slept last night and his father is coming from work. John: [Sitting down in the kitchen nervously] Hello father...
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