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The FINAL EXAMINATION for all sections of this course will be on Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 FINAL EXAM 7:30 am - 9:30 am Room TBA

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LANGUAGE AUDIO LAB: 234 Prescott Hall and COMPUTER LAB: 226 Prescott Monday through Thursday 7:30am-8pm and Friday 7:30am-4:30pm

The primary goal of SPAN 2102 is to provide students with a review of previously learned Spanish and to help them acquire new communicative skills in Spanish while developing an awareness and appreciation of Hispanic/Latino cultures. The Lower Division Spanish Program courses take their goals from the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, also known as the 5 Cs, which focus on five general areas: Communicating in Spanish

Gaining knowledge and understanding of cultures of the Hispanic world Connecting with other disciplines and acquiring new information Developing awareness of similarities and differences (comparisons) among language and culture systems around the world Using Spanish to participate in communities at home and around the world

Thus with these standards in mind, Intermediate Spanish expects the following: Each student should be able to demonstrate comprehension of Spanish spoken at normal speed on a variety of selected topics in various formats. Each student should be able to demonstrate the use of conversational skills in a variety of communicative situations. Each student should be able to demonstrate accurate reading comprehension of cultural and literary material. Each student should be able to produce written Spanish to meet practical needs as well as creative expression to demonstrate competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish.

Interacciones, 7th Edition (Spinelli, García, Galvin Flood) ILRN passcode (which will allow you to enter the online website, http://hlc.quia.com/books that has workbook activities, audio and video files, review materials, and many more useful activities). Once you have registered with ILRN you will need to enter the following Course Code: ECJE899 Publisher’s website for Interacciones: http://interacciones.heinle.com PASSCODE FOR ONLINE WORKBOOK: ILRN Passcode to access the online workbook activities and lab manual (this will come with the textbook if purchased at the LSU book store). If the textbook is purchased elsewhere, students will need to purchase an iLRN Passcode directly from the Publisher’s website. See your instructor for more information if this applies to you. RECOMMENDED MATERIALS

Spanish/English dictionary
501 Spanish Verbs
This course stresses communication skills in Spanish. Every effort will be made to make this class student-centered. All classes are conducted exclusively in Spanish; English is not allowed. The purpose of this policy is to maximize your contact with the oral language. To help students succeed in this course, the class will engage in a variety of activities and assignments, including but not limited to activities such as the following: Practice and communication using vocabulary and grammar learned in oral and written modes Sociolinguistic practice and functions through communicative activities (pair and group work) Writing activities: ranging from short paragraphs to developed compositions Integration of skills in projects and tasks, in small groups or as a class Video/audio/computer exercises, and discussions

Final letter grades are assigned according to the following accumulated point totals:

A = 100-90 D = 69.9-60
B = 89.9-80 F = Below 60
C = 79.9-70
The assessment categories below will be measured according to three major criteria of language performance: accuracy, fluency, and complexity. Testing procedures will be representative of the type of...
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