11 Types of Essay

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Car has become a basic necessity for everyone these days. There are many people who are simply crazy about cars. An essay on car is a very interesting thing to do. One can write a lot about a car in an essay. An essay on car mentions the different kinds of cars, its basic utility, different features of car, etc. There are many people who have very vague knowledge about the cars but still are interested in spending money on buying cars. It is quite unusual to write an essay on cars but it is something different that one can do. You too can write an essay on cars. There are a lot many things that can be written on cars. An essay on car can be very informative and requires proper knowledge. The writer has to do proper research for writing an essay on cars. He/she should know some specific terms used for cars. This essay can provide a lot of information to the reader. It has to be very interesting and catchy. There are different ways of writing an essay, one can descried his/her own car or his/her dream car. The writer should specify the reason why is he/she writing particularly an essay in cars. In a descriptive essay you need to mention all the terms regarding the car you are talking about. The writer can write a lot while describing the car.The other way of writing an essay on car is personal essay. In this kind of essay the writer can write about his/her personal experience about a car and its importance. The writer can explain his experience he for the first time he sat on the car on drove the car or even you can talk about the accident you met with while driving your car. The writer should be very clear about his idea of writing an essay on car. He/she has to make all the efforts to show their creativity in writing such essays. Writing a paper on car can be exciting and the writer can find many different ways of writing an essay on cars.

Emily Jenkins
I grew up in the Boston area in the 1970s. My mother was a pre-school teacher and my father a playwright. I remember visiting my mother's classroom and reading to the children there; even more vividly, I remember sitting in the back row of theater after theater, watching rehearsals – seeing stories come to life. My mother read me countless picture books, but at my father's house there wasn't much of that nature. He read me what was at hand: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn, Sherlock Holmes. He also made up stories for me and recounted the plots of Shakespeare plays. I was a raw child. In fact, I am a raw adult. This is a hard quality to live with sometimes, but it is a useful quality if you want to be a writer. It is easy to hurt my feelings, and I am unable to watch the news or read about painful subjects without weeping. I was often called over-sensitive when I was young, but I've learned to appreciate this quality in myself, and to use it in my writing. Growing up, I spent large parts of my life in imaginary worlds: Neverland, Oz, and Narnia, in particular. I read in the bath, at meals, in the car, you name it. Around the age of eight, I began working on my own writing. My early enterprises began with a seminal picture book featuring an heroic orange sleeping bag, followed by novel-length imitations of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken and Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. I have never kept journals or notebooks for my own sake. I am a writer who writes always with the idea of an audience in mind -- and at nine I was determined to share my Pippi story with the world. I got my father to type it up in a book format and photocopy it 50 times. Then he took me to an artist friend's studio where we silkscreened 50 copies of a drawing I'd made for the cover. I gave it to everyone I knew. That was my first book. I have always been interested in picture books as a form, which stems (I suppose) from my background in theater. I am fascinated by the intersection of words and images – the way meanings...
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