10x100 Led Dot-Matrix Display for Enrollment Procedures

Topics: Microcontroller, EPROM, PIC microcontroller Pages: 8 (1944 words) Published: September 29, 2012
10x100 LED Dot-Matrix Display for Enrollment Procedures
University Announcement

Presented to the Faculty of
The Electronics Engineering Department
Of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the
ES 08 Research Methods

Ali, Abdul Nasser M.
Alipao, Destiny Rhen B.
Gonzaga, Lester P.
Raboy, Mark David C.
Reyes, Alberto B. III


Engr. Majiah S. Collado
September 2012


As our generation approaches its peak, technology becomes an art. Even advertisements and communications tend to become digital. The production of light emitting diodes has its use both in industrial and commercial information displays. Hardly comparable against other advertisement mediums like tarpaulin, it is easy to interchange, is cost effective in the long run rather than changing a new Ad, it is programmable, and more likely to caught the attention of viewers. In Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan, engineering department, a great number of students are uncomfortable of the enrollment system being unorganized. Students can hardly wait when other students try not to fall in line and outsmart the former. Some students get bored and create a conversation with other students, not knowing that it is their turn. As an electronic hobbyist and engineering students, we want to design a display system that can help this enrollment problem. By this, students just have to get a priority number and wait for their turn. With large screen display and an audio speakers, the LED dot matrix display system can be useful in calling attentions and also has its other purposes like reminding school activities and schedules. The project consists of 2-D matrix of LED with their cathodes joined in rows and cathodes joined in columns. By controlling the flow of electricity through each row and column pair, it is possible to control each LED individually. Scanning across rows quickly flashing the LED’s on and off creates characters or pictures to display information. This project hopes to meet its aim and concludes it many purposes in the faculty, staff and student.

Theoretical Framework or Conceptual Background
Technical Structure:

[pic][pic][pic] INPUT SYSTEM OUTPUT

The figure shows the process on how it should be. This simple diagram basically explains how things work and how it process. From a message input it will go next to the system that is a microcontroller pc based. Finally, the output will be a dot matrix display.

Statement of the Problem
The proposed project is said to be complex because we want to put up a unique dot matrix. In order for this project to be successful we are establishing a combination of both 555 timer circuit and also a LED dot matrix. The problem here is how to put together the two different circuits. Given a microcontroller we can directly fix the set up of the dot matrix for it only be needing a program in which the input is binary codes and the codes are to be decoded accordingly

Statement of the Hypotheses
Based on our study and interpretations, the outcome of this study is dot-matrix display that will be used in various activities in align with the enrollment procedures and in university announcements. This outcome is what we expect based on the study and research of the said proponents.

Significance or Purpose of the Study
The significance of this study is that the primary beneficiaries of this project are the students preferably the engineering students. This will serve a better enrollment process and an edge in technology today. The effect of this project is that it will be “no hustle” for the students and reduce crowdedness and can set and organize students effectively.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
The scope of this project...
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