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Topics: Human rights, United Nations, Non-governmental organization Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: July 30, 2015
Describe the contemporary situation you have studied where human rights have been abused. How have people in the situation struggled to achieve human rights?

Child soldiers are recruited in areas of poverty and high combat. Their recruitment and training is an abuse of the human rights of children. Children who are no longer involved in combat can also struggle to achieve their basic human rights even with the help of non-governmental organisations.

The use of child soldiers is a manipulation of the human rights of a child. The term child soldier is defined as a child between the ages of seven to fifteen recruited by any fighting group. UNICEF estimates that there are approximately 300,000 child soldiers in the world today. The use of child soldiers is growing and becoming worse by the day. Over 30% of LRA (Lord’s Resistance army) in Uganda are second generation child soldiers. Child soldiers are usually drafted through the use of force or in some cases, propaganda. The international Conventions on the Rights of a Child state that children are not to be separated from their families against their will, have the right to education and should not be trafficked, abducted or used as slaves. Similarly, they are to be protected from exploitation and performing any work that is harmful to their health, education or mental and physical development. The training of child soldiers is a violation of the basic rights of a child, showing that their human rights have been abused.

Even after being released or escaping, children’s human rights are still not fulfilled, meaning they have to struggle to achieve them. Children do not know the whereabouts of their parents, they have not been educated or been given physical and mental health care. They are required to walk miles to the nearest health centre or require an organisation to enrol them into an education system. There are many government and non-government organisation that go to great lengths to rehabilitate...
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