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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Plastic Milk
Chlorofluorocarbons(CFC’S) were highly destructive to the environment which the plastic produces when burnt.This makes the ozone layer thinner that causes Global Warming.
Global Warming is the changes in weather occuring on Earth that perhaphs makes our planet warmer and the reason for unpredictable weather.
So scientist found out some alternative plastic which is way better because it is healthy to the environment the so-called ‘’Plastic Milk’’.It contains casein a protein found in milk that can be use to make an environment-friendly plastics. Objectives of the Study :

To Find a more alternative and eco-friendly plastic that minimizes Pollutions.
Significance of the Study :
It contains an organic material materials which is absolutely better for the Environment. Materials :
* 250 ml milk rubber band paper towels
* 25 ml vinegar cheesecloth
* Sauce pan stirrer

1) Warm the milk to about 50◦C.Use a thermometer to check the temperature 2) Add the vinegar and stir well.
3) Cover the mouth of the saucepan or pot with the cheesecloth.Secure the cloth with a rubber band 4) Pur out the liquid.Squeeze out as much liquid as you can from the cloth. 5) A soft,clay-like solid will be left on the cloth.Put it on a paper towel. 6) Press small amounts of the solid material into flat shapes.You can shape them into discs and other interesting shapes you like. 7) Let the shapes dry under the sun for a couplpe of days. 8) When they are completely dry,paint and design them.You can use them for whatever purpose you like. (source: S&T-Nov-Dec Issue)

Results & Conclusion :
Possibility of everyone using biodegradable and non toxic plastics. Lesser waste
Minimized Pollution
No more floods and blocked drainage
Recommendations :
Support the study and be good to the environment :)

Project by : Hurish M.Madridejos&Aldrin Manalastas
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