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Topics: Master, Family, Aerosmith Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: February 4, 2013
March 12th
It was the year 1645 and we’ve been on the plantation for 8 ½ months now. Our family has been here for as long as I can remember, working the cotton fields. We were brought here from a small country off the coast of Africa, the country of Uganda. I will never forget that fateful day. As my mother and I were walking through the forest to gather wood and the proper materials for us to eat, we were bombarded by the white men, they came in different directions threating to shoot at us if we didn’t cooperate, at this time we knew that the rumors we heard all around the village were true. As if having guns pointed to our heads wasn’t enough pain we were beaten, tied, and thrown into the bottom of a ship without food and water for what seemed like days. As I saw the look on mothers face I realized that the days ahead for the rest of our lives were going to be hell for now on…….. March 13th

When mother and I first arrived here we could feel the pain and sorrow in the air, we heard the silent moans and groans of fellow slaves who were distraught with agony in having to work for long hours in the hot sun for little or no pay. We were told that we were going to be separated and that we should bid our final good byes. At this moment I felt my whole world fall apart, I couldn’t lose my mother she was the only one I had since that terrible accident that took the lives of my father and baby sister. My mother and I will always have a memory of them in our hearts. As me and my mother went down to go sell some vegetables at the market a hungry mountain lion came and attacked my father and sister while they were asleep in our hut. Since then me and my mother have been Inseparable and I couldn’t bear to manage how I would spend the rest of my days without her. March 14th

My typical day on the plantation starts off with me waking up at dawn and cleaning the master’s home with other slave girls my age. We must wash, broom, and mop till the masters face can be seen in...
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