100 Years of Solitude - Ursula

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  • Published : June 9, 2011
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One Hundred Years of Solitude - Free Essay
Strength in a friend is a vital attribute that provides consistency and stability in the relationship. It allows the ability to overcome great obstacles and the ability to survive when others would be overwhelmed. Gabriel Marquez embodies strength through Ursula Buendia in 100 Years of Solitude. She appears to be an island of logic and reason in an abundance of absurdity. Ursula is the backbone of the Buendia family on whom all of the family relies. Not only is she the mother, she is the only source of money. She unflinchingly goes on after the deterioration and death of her husband. She displays profound amounts of fortitude and perseverance. Ursula alone permitted the longevity of the Buendia family. Ursula prevented chaos by taking charge when needed most. Before the decline of her husband, Ursula did not appear as the superwomen that she eventually became. Marquez had the reader believe that she was merely the wife of Jose Arcadio Buendia. But Ursula first shines when her husband was distraught with curiosity, leaving Macondo when she powerfully scolded him, “If I have to die for [you] to stay here, I will die” (14). This event at the beginning of the novel proves that Ursula is not one to be tussled with; she is smart and not afraid to speak her mind, even if it takes shouting at her stubborn husband. This proves that Ursula is not simply a stock character created to support José, but rather a powerful woman who eventually proves to be far more influential than her husband. In light of José Arcadio Buendia’s strange antics, Ursula was still more than capable of achieving great things. Ursula was the one who was able to find the route out of Macondo, which her husband hadn’t been able to discover. She was also capable of setting up a successful candy business while her husband was not providing for the family. In addition she was also able to raise her children in conjunction with creating her own...
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