100 Years Essay

Topics: High school, Cancer, Chemotherapy Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: March 11, 2013
When we visited Jesse the women who is now 100 years old and asked her about what her life has been like for 100 years this is what she said. SInce graduating high school with honors she was accepted into university of virginia majoring in business and communications. she met her husband in her junior year at an autism speaks fundraiser and was very involved with the company since high school.Her senior year she raised 2,000 dollars for the foundation and received an award. Jesse and her high school friends always stayed very close throughout college and after.

After graduating college she and her her husband opened a business which gave autistic children a place to go to and do activities like the special olympics. Jesse got married at the age of 28 in her New York home town. two years later she had a boy and another year later a girl. They moved to arizona when her son was three and lived close to her brother James. They visited their parents in New York three times a year and holidays. Her fondest memory of her children growing up were when they both began walking and talking. They are now grown up with their own family also living in arizona near her.

When Jesse turned 37 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through long radiation therapy for about two years. 4 years after she was cancer free and had survived. because of her situation she wanted to raise money for a faster more effective way of curing cancer and raised money through a breast cancer walk that went to the national breast cancer foundation. Her friend that also went through breast cancer treatment also helped promote the walk for breast cancer. They both were credited with raising over 1,000 dollars.

Jesse said one of her hardest challenges in her 100 years was when her parents passed away and her dogs passed away. But she said that life goes on and you have to live it to the fullest hers just happened to be longer then usual.
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