100 Things You Can Learn from Disney

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100 things you can learn from DISNEY

Making your business Fast+SimpleTM for your customers

A Budd Fast+Simple white paper

100 things you can learn from DISNEY
August 2008


100 things you can learn from DISNEY

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100 things you can learn from DISNEY Peter Massey, Chang Xu 28 August 2008 0.2 Budd UK Limited 8 Percy Street, London W1T 1DJ www.budd.uk.com

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100 things you can learn from DISNEY

INTRODUCTION Be the best of the best - make it Fast+Simple We at Budd, describe our passion as ‘how do we stop doing dumb things to customers and people?’ We describe what customers want as a “fast and simple” experience. Making it easy for customers to do business with you and stay loyal. Brilliant basics consistently communicated and acted upon In our experience, we know that one of the most critical success factors in creating Fast+Simple experiences for customers is the ability of a business to “close the loop”. That means listening to what customers are saying (or WOCAS1), being able to take customer feedback and drive systematic actions across the organisation on a consistent daily basis. It means engaging business heads and project managers to deliver targeted change projects and prioritised improvements to operational processes. It means daily brilliant basics. This is what it takes to eliminate the dumb things that frustrate customers and to drive faster responses to customers’ ideas. Dare to be different, dare to look at the business holistically All good operating models are holistic, holding together under the simple scrutiny of staff and customers alike. As the president of Toyota said about his operating model “What is important is having all the elements together as a system. It must be practised every day in a very consistent manner – not in spurts –but in a concrete way on the shop floor.” This is the mindset that executives need if their business is to be truly customer centric - you can discover how to put it into practice in the book “The Best Service is No Service” written by our LimeBridge colleagues, Bill Price and David Jaffe. For more on this new book, see www.budd.uk.com/thebestservice.html. Customer experience design starts at the top In Budd’s “100 Things you can learn from…” series of whitepapers, we aim to provide insights into companies who are acknowledged leaders in making it easy for their customers to do business with them. Obviously no single thing makes the difference. A common characteristic, however, is the exceptional involvement of top management in building a customer-focused business culture. Leadership excellence, in terms of creating a ‘customer service’ culture is the primary driver for success. We’ve seen this thinking in other acknowledged leaders, such as first direct and Amazon2. Disney understands that too: leaders are judged (by their colleagues and staff alike) on the values they demonstrate and the way they behave in the business. Successful organisational behaviour has to be driven from the top. Founder Walt Disney had an exceptional focus on...
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