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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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What we've covered in class so far this semester?

SSK is one of a huge number of courses offered by AUI to their students. This course makes you able to be an active student, helps you to evaluate your current study habits, and learn how to implement proper strategies to improve your own learning experience. Also, SSK course helps you to improve many things like note-taking, time management, well discussing, learning styles, reflection, and improve your reading skills by the Alchemist book.

Before taking this course, I didn’t have any ideas about this course, so, I asked my friends who had taken this subject before about the course objectives and goals. Some told SSK is a boring subject, other said that it is very hard ……First thing that i did was to read the course syllabus very carefully to get my own view about what I am going to deal with. After the first week, I really found that the course was good and very helpful for us, I didn’t felt that the course was boring at all. The first lesson was learning styles, I have just known that there are lot of learning style like visual, aural, verbal, logical and lot of other learning style. After that, it was the reading-club that was very interesting as an activity, because it helps as to improve our skills on reading and getting more information; certainly because the book was great” The Alchemist” .By reading every week 20 pages from the Alchemist book, our lexical and grammatical stock was been increasing week after week. The lesson who came after that was very important not just for me; but for all my classmates, this lesson was “Time management”. Well, as we know, is an important tool in our studies at college, Good time management skills allow students to keep a good attendance in there several courses, because as we all know that it exist a very strict policy at AUI university for attendance. So, I learned very important thinks from that lesson like being in time, do my homework and...
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