10 Ways to Start Afresh This Year

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10 ways to start afresh this year

Name:Maliha Intikhab


Topic: 10 ways to start afresh this year

10 ways to start afresh this year

New Year’s Eve is all about looking back at your past and most importantly looking forward to your future. A new year always brings along a ray of sunshine and hope which makes us believe that no matter how amazing or terrible the past year was, this one will be much better!

New Year is the time for new beginnings, so here is a list 10 resolutions which will hopefully mark 2013 as the best year you have had!


-Maliha Intikhab

1. Break a bad habit and make a good one

You don’t have to start with a huge transition. Take baby steps, choose a bad habit of yours and slowly try to get rid of it. We, humans are living are living huge parts of our lives on auto pilot so breaking up a habit will only take you half way. From there, you have to try to build a new habit, but the good thing now is that you can consciously choose this one.

2. Organize yourself!

Declutter all the mess in your room! Take some time to organize your closet, work area, or your drawers and you’ll notice that you will instantly feel relaxed. No matter how much you hate cleaning up, organizing your things will always prove to be beneficial for you because this time you won’t have to sift through the pile of paper clutter in your drawer to find that English essay.

3. Do something different

Do something that is completely out of character for you, not only would that really expand your horizons but you will also make lifelong memories. It could be something as easy as making friends with new people or something as crazy as sky diving or bungee jumping. Spend some time outside you comfort zone. Always remember, we only get to live once so better make the best of it.

4. Stop trying to be perfect!

Perfection is actually a mind trap. Perfection means that you have reached the end of your journey, which in a human’s...
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