10 Ways to Prevent Accident

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10 Ways to Prevent an Accident
Accidents are unpredictable happenings that can catch anyone off-guard when you least expect it. That's why the simple, yet so overlooked prevention methods need to be taken into consideration before going on the road.

1. Carefully look both ways — twice — before entering an intersection. It’s easy to miss an oncoming car at first glance because it’s hidden by your car’s windshield frame. A second look only takes a second and it might avoid a serious collision. 2. Don’t accelerate into an intersection the instant the light turns green. This is a good way to get rammed by someone running the red light who’s coming from the other direction. 3. Look right before pulling out. After waiting for traffic from the left to clear before you make your right-hand turn, don’t forget to look to the right again just before you proceed. Pedestrians or cars may have suddenly materialized in your path while you were waiting to turn. 4. Anticipate unexpected changes in traffic. For example, if you’re in a fast-moving lane with empty road ahead and the next lane over is backed up, be prepared for impatient motorists to dart into the lane in front of you. 5. Know your blind spots. Find out where your blind spots are when checking the road behind you in your mirrors. You might have to turn to look directly into the lanes beside you to avoid missing something left undetected by your mirrors. This is particularly important when changing lanes — don’t just rely on your mirrors. 6. Watch other drivers’ blind spots. Practice extra caution when passing large vehicles, such as semi trucks, which have less maneuverability and even larger blind spots. If you can’t see a truck’s mirrors, chances are its driver can’t see you. 7. Watch for children and pets. Pay special attention to posted speed limits around schools and in residential areas; children and pets may unexpectedly dart into the street. 8. Don’t tailgate. Leave enough space between yourself and the...
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