10 Ways to Determine Credibility on the Internet - Abstract

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10 Ways to Determine Credibility on the Internet
University of Phoenix
Norris Green
October 4, 2010
Mark C. Paxton

In nearly two-decades, the Internet has been integrated into our lives. The Internet is a great information tool used all over the world. There are two primary dimensions: expertise and trustworthy. The second factors affect credibility, perception, includes source attractions and dynamism. This paper will discuss 10 ways to determine the credibility on the Internet.

10 Ways to Determine Credibility on the Internet
The URL (Uniform Resource Locator), will be the first component of credibility on the Internet. URL is a unique way of accessing the Internet. The address of some of the URL’S ends in .gov, .us, and ( State Abbreivation) are reliable”. When the URL contains some tildes (~); which was published by an individual may not be credible. Most web-sites requires URL which will make the site credible. Anyone searches the web should look for these accessibilities.

The second credible source is to make sure that the data is up-to-date. Sometimes Internet sites tend to have out-dated material, thus lkikly make the site less credible. Readers should carefully read when and where they have researched their information. I personally had experienced reading sites that was not credible, because the data did not match the information that was given. “ Obviously, Internet pages that have been published more recently are more credible”(Alanacausey, 2008). A website that is updated more often shows that the author take the time to care for the information they presents and thus is probably a credible sites for readers.

Finding out who the Author of the site could prove the site be very credible. I have read many sites in the past, and did not know how the author of the site was. At the time I did not realize it was important to know who the author was on a website. To be a credible site; the...
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