10 Tips in Passing the Let

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10 Tips on Passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET)

# 1 Know your weak and strong subjects/classes.
Allot a few hours each day or each week to review the lessons for classes you did well when you were still in college. Enjoy this review time so you can easily remember what you are re-learning. Allot more time, however, on classes you were weak in. Well, at least if you are weak in mathematics for example, make sure you don’t miss reviewing the concepts that will be tested in the General Math part of the licensure exam. It will be easy to find out your areas of weaknesses. Check the grades in your transcript or assess yourself which among the classes you took you don’t remember much about. See my pointers to review based on PRC’s table of specification (TOS), which was available for download in first week of June 2011. Also read the coverage of the exam with schedule.

# 2 Understand the major theories, concepts and techniques in Professional Education subjects. Understanding the theories and concepts by heart will allow you to answer questions that are written to confuse you. There are times that you have to choose which among the situations on the choices will be logical based on theories or concepts mentioned or implied in the question. I didn’t have any teaching experience when I took the exam so I really based a lot of my answers on what I remembered from my college years. See some pointers for Professional Education subjects.

# 3 Strive hard to improve your analytical skills on answering questions. After you reviewed the theories and concepts, you should test your understanding by differentiating and explaining these in your own words. While reviewing, rephrase ideas and think of actual applications. For example, in methods of teaching, allow yourself to compare method 1 with method 2, then ask yourself why method 1 is preferred than the other on certain situations. Ask yourself questions like:

“Why are you doing _________?”
“Why is...
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