10 Threats to the Enviroment

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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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July 21, 2011
Journal # 2: Cole, “10 Major Threats to the Environment”, WAE277-279 Part one: Summary
According to the article, “10 Major Threats to the Environment’’ by Jeremy Iggers (the author) discusses about global warming and 10 major threats to the environment and what we can do to minimize it. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the earth getting warmer because of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is released when fossil fuels are being burnt. As a result, polar caps are melting and sea levels are rising. The ozone layer which protects the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun is also deteriorating as industrial chemicals are being released into the atmosphere. Consequently, people will be more vulnerable to skin cancer and there will be thousands of additional deaths.

Air pollution is one of the main threats to the environment. Burning fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline, and fuel oil releases lead, cadmium, acid gases and contaminants into the atmosphere. These emissions can travel a long distance through the upper atmosphere. Nitrous oxide which is caused by fossil fuel combustion falls back to Earth a nitrous acid. Air pollution also affects animals and plant life. Minimizing the reliance on fossil fuels and using mass transportation system can help reduce air pollution.

Another threat to the environment is water pollution. Harmful chemicals are sometimes dumped directly in the lake and rivers. Raw sewage can also contaminate oceans, lake and rivers. Another form of water pollution is acid rain caused by toxic chemical emissions mixing with rain. Mental retardation, cancer, kidney and liver diseases can be caused by drinking polluted water. This can be reduced by creating a municipal sewage system to establish “zero discharge’’ goals.

Land pollution such as garbage landfills are piling up. Burning of garbage releases dangerous and hazardous toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. This increases the emissions of toxic...
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