10 Things I Hate About You. movie review

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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10 Things I Hate About You (how it explore relationships)

‘10 things I hate about you’ is a movie by Gil Junger. The Stratford sisters- Katarina (A.K.A. Kat) is a feminist and intelligent, while Bianca, is superficial. Bianca feels the need to date to be part of the socialites; however, her father won’t allow her to date. The rule changes to ‘Bianca can date when Kat starts to date.’ This deteriorates Bianca’s situation as Kat is a termagant. In a series of convoluted schemes, Patrick Verona is paid to court Kat. Thus, the story unfolds.

Heath Ledger’s character- Patrick, changes his attitude towards relationships by showing righteous virtues to people he care about. From the start, Patrick’s perceived to be a dangerous, antisocial delinquent. He begins to develop feelings for Kat and feels guilty for tricking her. In the end, he admits his feelings for Kat and portrays honesty. His attitude towards relationships evolved while in the company of supportive friends (Michael and Cameron) and the person he loves.

In the start, Patrick had a negative attitude towards relationships and started to gradually change whilst nearing the end of the film. From a delinquent, he became an individual who cares about the people around him; displaying positive qualities which strengthen and deepen his relationships with others.

Patrick had an undesirable attitude towards relationships. When Cameron wanted to speak to Patrick; a hole was drilled on Cameron’s book. He’s uncooperative towards his peers and isn’t friendly. Patrick accepts Joey’s deal only because of money. He shows no consideration for Kat’s feelings. When Cameron and Michael approach Patrick to reveal the situation: Michael: “I… uh… I think I speak correctly when I say that Cameron’s love is pure, purer than say, Joey Donner’s.” Patrick: “Look, I’m in this for the cash.”

This highlights Patrick’s opinion towards relationships; he doesn’t care if it’s pure or not, he wants the money and isn’t...
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