10 Principles of Academic Principle and Integrity

Topics: Ethics, Problem solving, Thought Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: October 10, 2012
10 Principles of Academic Principle and Integrity

One of the most important principles is to always plan ahead and never over book your schedule. This is the most important for a variety of reasons. Time management helps you to make sure you’re taking the time out to successfully complete your work and fulfill any commitments made to others. It’s important to be successful and stay true to your commitments because it shows you’re professional and dependable. The second important principle to follow is to always use your own work. No one likes not getting credit for their idea and using someone else work or ideas is just cheating you out of knowledge. Plagiarism in any form is also very unprofessional and greatly frowned upon. Principle number three is never commit to something that you already doubt you will be able to accomplish. Agreeing to anything without meaning it is very detrimental to your reputation. People understand that life happens, but it’s in good character to also follow through with anything agreed upon or promised. If you cannot complete the task asked of you how can anyone take you seriously? The forth principle has to do with your conduct towards people. It’s always important to treat others how you want to be treated. You must remember when providing your opinion on paper, online, or in person to be clear and never offensive. It’s always ok to prove your point but you never want to intentionally offend a co-worker or fellow student. Respect is a key element needed in any environment. Remember to use an emotionally stable mind and good ethics when interacting with anyone. The fifth principle is always follow instructions. It’s very important you understand your assignments: how to provide and present the information properly, only use the resources allowed, and use the correct format required by your superior (teacher/boss) but most of all pay attention to detail. This brings us to our sixth principle...
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