10 Mary Street

Topics: Family, Household, The House is Burning Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: May 26, 2013
10 Mary Street

10 Mary street is a poem written by Peter Skrzynecki. It depicts his relationship with his home where he spent his childhood at 10 Mary Street, Regents Park, known as a working class suburb. It records the day-to-day activities of Skrzynecki's family in their new country. In the poem there are shifts in the mood from belonging to the family home to their ambivalence toward getting citizenship.

The Skrzynecki home is a sanctuary, it protects them from an uncertain world. In the poem there is use of various techniques, in the first stanza there is use of monosyllabic, “Each morning, shut the house, like a well oiled lock”. This shows that the Skrzynecki family is in control of their own sanctuary, their house. They make the decisions when to open and close the doors unlike in the hostel. The home represents the families connection during the 'adaption' process which shows a positive view of family belonging. The house is depicted as a home in the line “home from school earlier”. It shows how he leaves an unfamiliar place to come back to where he belongs, 'home'.

The poem also reinforces the idea of the parents sense of belonging in their new home, despite the “hum-drum” nature of work. In contrast they are devoted to family. The poem shows a clear sense of belonging. It also immediately captures a sense of security and stability that are associated with the idea of home. With nurturing parents comes a sense of live and joy in the Skrzynecki household. A sense of unison is created as a family, “We lived together...Kept pre-war Europe alive” depicts the devotion within the family, that they are together and whilst they reside in Australia they do not forget their culture and remain to keep it intertwined with their new life. As they get use to new changes in their new household they also adapt to new challenges which in result creates a strong bond between the family. Skrzynecki creates the sense that the garden connects his parents and...
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