10 Interesting Facts About Finland

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Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone company. As of 2012, it is the world's second largest mobile phone maker(after Samsung), with a global market share of 22.5%.The Nokia head office is located by the Gulf of Finland in Keilaniemi, Espoo and was constructed between 1995 and 1997. The building is named The Nokia House by the place of Nokia. On December 2012, Nokia has sold its head office building to Finland based Exilion and leasing it on a long term basis.

Second least corrupted country:
According to Transparency International’s Corruption Index, last year Finland was the fourth least corrupt nation in the world with a point of 9.2, but this year it has moved to the second position with Denmark with a point of 9.4, after New Zealand in top with 9.5.

Land of the midnight sun:
Finland is commonly called as the land of the midnight sun for some reasons. During the months of June and July the sun shines all day and all night in the north, not dropping below the horizon at all!

World record for hosting world championships:
The majority of the Finnish are far from serious events. Finland holds world champion competitions for wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, mosquito catching, swamp soccer, sauna, boot throwing and air guitar to name a few.

World’s Largest Snowball:
Finland is responsible to several records in the Guiness Book of World Records. Its proudest record is the annual World’s Largest Snowball in Jakobstad. Each September the entire village population spend five days creating this snowball and each year they attempt to break the previous year’s record.

Polar Bears &Penguins:
Everybody knows there are polar bears & penguines in Finland.In fact Finland is home to the world’s largest polar bear habitat, and second largest penguin habitat. While penguins are only found on Finland’s Arctic Coast, polar bears can be found all over Finland, even in Southern Finland during the winter.An intersting info is that the recent...
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