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10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Summary: Massacre at Mystic
The Massacre at Mystic took place on May 26, 1637; it was an attack from the English Puritans who arrived with Jonathan Winthrop in 1630 against the Pequot Indian tribe. Right from the start the puritans believed the natives to be ignorant savages. They came to the new world with a closed mind, believing God wanted the puritans to defeat the “savages” or convert them to their Christian faith. They arrived in Massachusetts with all of the workers, and tools they would need to start a war against the natives. Pequots were a superior Native American tribe. There were nearly thirteen thousand by the fifteenth century, and took up most of the space between Connecticut and Rhode Island. By 1637 Pequot Indians created strong hilltop villages including one in Mystic. They were strong, brave, and warlike; they organized trade throughout the region, they also came up with new forms of money.

The massacre at mystic was in response to many years of hatred towards the Pequot. The Pequot would be accused of crimes and punished for them; the Englishmen would try to attack before but never succeeded. So one month after the Pequot brutally murdered a handful of Puritans. So Major John Mason was accompanied by John Underhill; on the night of May 26, 1637 Underhill went to the south entrance of the village to attack, while Mason went to the North entrance and attacked. Very few English soldiers were injured. Mason then saw that most of the Pequots were inside the wigwams, and decided to burn the village. Then Underhill torched his side of the village and by the end of the night the village and its people were burned to the ground. Mystic was ruined.

Once the news of what the colonists did to the Pequot had spread- the other Indians revolted. Realizing this could happen again, but this time to one of their tribes. I understand why this event is considered to have changed America. After they murdered all those Pequots, The other Native Americans refrained from trusting the colonists; they were scared and angry with what they did to the Pequots. This was the end of any type of peace between the Englishmen and the Indians. Nearly 40 years later the Indians still wanted revenge. Out came King Phillip’s war which distinguished many of the Colonists. One historian stated that King Philip’s war indicated all the wars to come. Later the Americans tried to come up with the “Indian Removal Act” but it never happened. One of the good things to come out of this Massacre was in 1666 the English gave the Pequots three thousand acres of land as an apology. But only 50 Pequots made it to the 20th century. By the 1980’s they were federally recognized. They created multiple casinos and earned billions of dollars. In the 90’s Pequots were the wealthiest Native American tribes in the United States. By 2000 the population had risen to 590. This long term truce with the Pequot is a way to prove America’s ability to redeem themselves for mistakes from the past. We have gone through lows and highs during the growth of our country and these events in time show you both sides of the spectrum. 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Summary: Shays’ Rebellion Daniel Shays was a Massachusetts born American citizen. He was a farm laborer until he later became a sergeant in the Revolutionary war. He fought against the British in many famous battles. He was known as a “brave and good soldier”. After winning the war, Shays returned home, he bought a farm hoping to quit the military and raise his family. But the way America was after the revolutionary war was not how he expected. You had to rely on trade for goods or services, as opposed to money. The economy was much worse with the Articles of Confederation, which was the first constitution type document for Independent America. All of the debt came from the Revolutionary war. In the articles of confederation it left the states in charge of...
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