10 Common Problems Students Face During College

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  • Published: March 17, 2011
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10 Common Problems Students Face during College

The Best of Times - The Worst of Times

While time spent at college is a fond memory and a happy experience for most, college life is not without its rough patches and problems. While each persons problems are unique to their current circumstances, I know that there are a few problems that almost all college students deal with at least once during their time at school. If you are on your way into college you might want to get a jump on how to deal with the 10 Common Problems Students Face During College.  If you are reading for the sake of remembrance and posterity, I would ask that you try and throw a few good memories into the mix as you plod through the problems that once plagued you in your youth, or not so distant past. 

1. Study.

Problem:  College is challenging.  For many it requires a much larger effort than high school did, and unlike most high schools, college packs about two years of classes into one.  Many students take a full 15 credit semester, while other try to cram in 18 or even 21 credits.  At times it seems impossible for students to stay on top of it all. Solution:  College students need to realize their limits.  If they can't handle 18 credit semesters, it will be worth it in the long run to slow down a little and only take 15.  While the purpose of college is to study and to further the education of an individual, that doesn't mean students should study all of the time.  It is important to schedule time for fun outside of study, and to take study breaks to keep the mind fresh and clear.  For more information on studying see the Effective Study Habits guide. 

2. Money

Problem:  Tuition costs are rising at alarmingly high rates.  Couple that with eating out, shopping trips, gas for the car, and the price of textbooks, and you have a college student's worst nightmare.  College students drop out of school each year because they cannot afford it.  Others are forced to juggle full...
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