10,000 Hour Rule Essay

Topics: Bill Gates, Computer, Success Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Title: Cause and Effect Draft

10,000 Hour Rule
Gladwell describe several reasons why people are more successful in their live than others. The implementation of the 10,000 hour rule will be effective for talented individuals. He looks at people with higher than average intelligence. He points out some of our greatest genius with amazing stories. Furthermore he gives some guidelines of how we can change our own society to create even more brilliants minds. Therefore if you want to be successful you must have good work ethics a strong support from family and as well as opportunity and passion for your career.

The 10,000 hour rule plays an important role in achieving your goals because, it demonstrated how talented people have reached their full potential and became billionaires. It is impressive to see how Gladwell connect the 10,000 hour rule with those who get further ahead in the world. He describes the lives of Bill Gate and Bill Joy; the passion they had for computer programming at an early age that led to their success. I do believe practice make perfect because these individual were willing to sacrifice. They knew those sleepless nights one day, it would pay off. Sometimes when we read about people who have gone the extra mile to achieve success, we may feel intimidated because it takes a lot of courage, and it is a high price to pay. Gladwell also points out the life of Mozart and his journey to become a famous musician. Mozart practice music for many years without giving up, even thou in the early years of his career, his performance were not good, but after the 10,000 hours of practice he became a master musician. Timing is also an important factor to be able to climb the ladder of success in any field. Gladwell give an example about Billy Joy, who had practice 10,000 hour in computer programming, before computers were popular, as a result when personal computer arrived, he had the skills, abilities knowledge and expertise to achieve...
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