1)What Micro Environmental Factors Affected the Introduction and Re-Launch of the Toyota Prius? How Well Has Toyota Dealt with These Factors?

Topics: Minimum wage, Ramon Magsaysay, Vice President of the Philippines Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Carlos P. Garcia


* Anti- Subversion Act (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 1700) – An act to outlaw the Communist Party of the Philippines and similar associations, penalizing membership therein, and for other purposes.


* Filipino First Policy – Make Filipino first and supreme in national economic household of the Philippines. And it also greatly preferred Filipino businessmen over foreign investors. * Austerity Program – This program entails complete economic freedom. It would tighten up controls to prevent abuses in the over shipment of exports under license and in under-pricing as well. * Industrial Dispersal Policy – This is to check the present tendency of concentrating industries in only one area and on the country, to spread the industries to all the regions of the Philippines according to the natural resources thereof.


* Anti-Huk Policy – This policy is for nationalism, peace and order in foreign affairs especially with Japan.

Elpidio R. Quirino


* Fireside Chats Program – The weekly report about President Quirino’s activities to the public through radio programs from the Malacañang Palace.


* Rural Bank Act – Rural banks were opened to help farmers obtain agricultural loans.

* Minimum Wage Law - Set the daily wages of labourers, teachers, and other public employees.

* Republic Act 330 (Import Control Law) - Indigenous manufacturers were given a chance to develop their industries without facing crippling competition from U.S. firms.

* Social Amelioration Program – This program provides deprived Filipino people with their top necessities.

* Proclamation no. 76 – Disarming of military and civilian guards in exchange for the registration and surrender of the weapons.

Anne sorry ang tagal. Ayaw ko kasi ng walang kahit top 3 na laws. Kaya tinatry ko pa rin maghanap. Kaso ayan nalang tlga.

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