1. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages to Walmart in Working with Unions?

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Problem/Solution Check List

After each task you must put a check to indicate that each step was completed! Turn in 3 or 4 these peer reviews at the end of the week on Sunday. Fill out this paper accurately and honestly! You will not have any other discussions due this week, but ones related to peer review. Week 8 you will not have any discussions! (

Introduction (Required)
✓ The writer described and identified the topic.
✓ The writer explained what the problem was.
✓ The writer stated who the target audience is and was specific. ✓ The writer signaled to the reader that he or she is discussing a trend (something at decreases or increases) or phenomenon. The writer explained why it is a trend or phenomenon. ✓ The writer stated and signaled which solutions he or she was going to discuss. ✓ The writer stated how to solve the problem and explained which solution was the best and most logical. ✓ The writer listed the solutions and identified and explained which solution was the best or most plausible one.

Alternative Solutions or Main Points Paragraphs (2, 3, or 4 Required) ✓ The writer had a topic sentences that explained or signaled which solution he or she was going to discus ✓ The writer explained why the solution is not the best. ✓ The topic sentence in each paragraph reflected the same solution in the exact same order that I listed in my introduction. ✓ The writer gives a personal example or uses a source ✓ The writer introduced the citation at the beginning of a sentence (this includes all paraphrases, summaries and direct quotes). The writer introduced the source by stating either the title or author or both and the year it was published. The page number was documented or cited at the end of the source by putting the page number if it is available. (p. 92)

Ex. Myerson (2009) notes, ". Blah blah " (p. 23)
In the online article “The causes of disease” (2009) the author states…

✓ The writer explains in great detail why this solution is not the best. Why is it a plausible solution, but not the best one?

✓ The writer explains why this example or source is important. The writer explains if he or she agrees with the example or source. The writer interpreted the citation by explaining what the source means and what the author is trying to say. ✓ The writer showed clearly how the source relates to or supports the topic sentence or solution. Then, the author explains how this solution relates to the overall thesis. ✓ The writer introduces and interprets a second source ✓ The writer explains why source 1 and source 2 connect to each other. Ex. Do the authors have the same point of view ✓ The writer discusses how source 1 and 2 connect to the overall argument (problem, solutions, and best solution).

Alternative Solution Opposition/Counterargument (optional)
✓ Did the writer signal opposition with transitions!
Ex. However… Ex. On the other hand…, and Some may argue…

Did the writer state specific group of people who disagree with your solution Ex. Critics, doctors, lawyers, senators, students, writers, researchers, teachers, and scientists are only a few examples. ✓ Did the writer explain why the opposition disagrees with solution or problem? Ex. Your opposition may not believe that your solution even exists. They may not think that they have a better solution. Did the writer use sources that disagree with a particular solution? Was the source introduced and cited properly?

Refute, acknowledge, and concede

✓ Did the writer explain how or why hoe or she understands the opposition’s viewpoint.? Does the opposition make a valid point? ✓ Then, did the writer explain in great depth why the problem or solution is still important and why your best solution is still the best?

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