1) to Comply with Legislative and Regulatory Requirements – Organisations Need to Collect Data in Order to Comply with Regulations Such as Minimum Wage, Working Time Directive, Health and Safety and Even Health and Safety.

Topics: Payroll, Human resource management, Labour law Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Further to the recent proposal to reduce the size of the HR operation, we would like you to review the following points and take them into consideration when making your decision as to whether you believe this function should be reduced or potentially closed. Firstly, we would like to bring to your attention that the HR function is a very busy operation and is the first point of contact for associates and managers throughout the business to seek advice and clarity on day to day issues or more long term queries they may have. The HR department provide support with the recruitment process. We ensure all of the relevant documents are used in line with the company policies and procedures. We also ensure that these documents are updated and kept in line with employment law and legislation. We work alongside the managers advertise for any current vacancies, review the applications and reply to candidates where applicable. We also maintain candidate’s records in line with data protection and ensure they are disposed of within the legal time frames. We also provide support with regards to investigation, disciplinary and grievance hearings. Managers and associates can contact us with any queries regarding a case they are looking into, or a meeting they have been invited to and ask for support or advice. We are able to talk them through the process, provide support with regards to invite / outcome letters etc and general advice on next steps throughout the process. We are also able to be present in the meeting to capture accurate notes on what was discussed, ensure the questions remain within legislation and that we are considering all of the information provided to us to make an informed decision based on these facts. We also support managers in learning and development of their staff. We provide support in identifying key associates who have the potential to grow within the business. As one of the organisations main goals is to identify and develop talent at the...
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