1 Student 1 Sport Policy

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  • Published: February 5, 2013
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1Student 1Sport Policy (1M 1S)

Sports should be integral to a person’s life. This is due to the benefits in health that can be derived from it and also skills such as strategic thinking and teamwork can be learnt. Most pupils have benefitted from participation in various sports, but most voluntarily participated in the sport activities of their choice. Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. Those who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not. Sports often involve physical activities like running, jumping, stretching and moving about which turn out to be a good body workout. Playing sports is energy put to good use. A co-curricular activity is defined as a program or out-of-class activity, supervised and or financed by the school, which provides curriculum-related learning and character building experiences. There are five major co-curricular activities in every school in Malaysia. Uniform-Groups, Club & Societies and Sports & Games are the major co-curricular activities in Malaysia. The 1M1S policy introduced by the MOE made it compulsory for every student to choose at least one sports to participate in. It underlines the intention of the National Education Philosophy (NEP) to produce balanced individuals in terms of intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects. In the long run, this policy aims to develop human capital through extensive participation among students in sporting activities throughout the year as well as fostering sports culture among school children to become productive members of society and to adopt a healthy lifestyle, highly competitive and stay active. As stated in the government’s 1M1S guidebook -

“Matlamat 1m 1S dalam jangka masa panjang, dasar ini berhasrat membangunkan modal insan melalui penyertaanyang menyeluruh dari kalangan murid dalam kegiatan sukan sepanjang tahun serta memupukbudaya bersukan di kalangan murid sekolah agar menjadi ahli masyarakat yang mengamalkan gaya hidup...
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