1. Report on a Company’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

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1. Report on a Company’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (5 Points)

Pick a company you are familiar with, or you worked for, or where you are working now. Analyze their vision/mission, goals and objectives and relevant strategies developed in order to achieve their mission.

You must include the company’s vision/mission statement and the nature of the business. Please include one goal, and one objective per goal as a minimum. Also, include the pertinent SWOT analysis or gap analysis - without one of these, you would lose points. The write up must be crisp and to the point. Please make sure appropriate references are indicated (include the date of access and refer to it in your write up per APA requirements).

You do not have to reveal the name of the company if it is confidential. The report should be about 500 words (~2 pages) – it is the quality I will be looking at and not the quantity of writing. APA format is required. At least 2 references (with date accessed).

Here is the overall pictorial view of the Vision/Mission, Goals and Objectives along with SWOT Analysis, Gap analysis and Strategies. 2. Conduct research and write a report on the biggest management challenge today’s corporations face, and write a report not exceeding 500 words or 2 pages

You can use your own company in this home work.
You can also tailor this to a specific industry – such as: Semi-Conductors, Automobile, Apparel, Software, etc. Use at least 2 references.
The conclusion should include your views and thoughts on the challenge and what you would recommend to help or mitigate the challenge.

The ideas communicated must be clear, brief and to the point.

Question Q2
1. Clear identification of the challenge – 1 point
2. Data to support the challenge – 1.25 point
3. Challenge analysis or discussion – 1.25 point
4. Conclusion and recommendation - 1.25 point
5. References – 0.25 point
Total 5...
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