1. Principles and Practice of Management

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Principles and Practice of Management
Subject Code: B-101
Section – A :
Part ONE
Q1A Plane is a trap laid to capture the __________________
Q2It is the function of employing suitable person for a enterprise :________________ Q3____________________ means “group of activity & employee into departments”: Q4This theory states that authority is the power that is accepted by others : _________________ Q5It means dispersal of decision-making power to the lower level of the organization : _________________ Q6This chat is the basic document of the organiozation structure: __________________________ Q7Communication which flows from the superiors to subordinates with the help of scalar chain is known as : _______________ Q8Needs for belongingness, friendship, love, affection, attention& social acceptance are : _______________ Q9A management function which ensure “job to be filled with the right people with the right knowledge, skill & attitude : ________________ Q10It is the process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach to a decisions affecting their life : __________

Part TWO
Q1Diffrence Between “Administration” and “Management” Sl NoAdministrationManagement

Q2What are the comman Drawback in classical and neo classical theories of management ?

Q3Write a short note on “Line Organization”

Q4Write a short note on “Acceptance Theory”

Section – B :
Q1Critically Analyze Mr. Vincent ‘s reasoning ?

Q2If you were the professor and knew what was going on through Vincent ‘s mind, what would you say to Vincent .

Q1Diagnose the problem and enumarate the reason for the failure of D’Cuhna.

Q2What could be D’Cohna have done to avoid the situation in which he found him self ?

Section – C :
Applied Theory
Q1What is “Training” ? Explain the different methods of Training ?

Q2Explain the decision making process of an...
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