1 Mistake Ruin It All

Topics: English-language films, Family, Mother Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 15, 2012
1 mistake rewins it all sep.26.2012
Once upon a time there was a little man as they say that was about 16 years old.his name was gearge. he was living in America los angelose. He went to the best school there. He was the most polite kid in the city. He was the most respected kid in the neighbor hood .he was really popular in a good way and he had more than a hundred friends in his section. Everyone loved him. he had the best parents known. his dad was a famus business man and his mom was the highest post in the best bank you can ever find .once they moved to florida. their there was lots of naughty, bad, dirty boys. the kid went to another cool school. Their under his house lived the boys. Then time after time they met .they started going together every day ,but the thing is that they used to go after school burn, steal ,lie, kill and the boy was not even realizing what he was doing he was just walking with them and they used to control him as if he was some kind of chocolate bar in their dirty hands. once their was no school and it was Saturday. he went down with them and they had cigarettes in their hands .so they told him to take he really did not hear them then said wait I am going into the shop to get us some xxl .his friend told him wait we can steal them with out anyone realizing .they went into the shop and stole the xxls. put them in their pockets and ran away and all that his parents did not know because they were so busy with their work, work ,work…then they went to a far place his mom and dad thought he was going top play soccer with his friends. that’s what he told them but instead they went their then sat and they told gearge here take one of those caplets. dont worry they wont do you anything. infect they will do you good. gearge was so stupid and he took it that was weed. then gearge wented another one and another one then he started to smell weed then he wented money so he stole his dad computer and sold it. Then he took the carpets...
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