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Today I am here to talk about one of the recent social issues in Hong Kong and that’s education. There are different sorts of education, for example physical education, religious education, family life education and one of my favorites, the national education. But do you figure it out there is still one missing? Yes, it’s sex education.

Sex education should no doubt be important. Sex, according to one of the famous psychologist Freud, is a basic instinct. It is common to all of us and no one seems to be able to exempt from the need of recognizing and understanding one’s sexuality. Despite its importance, however, sex education has been continuously neglected in Hong Kong. Why this weird scenario does happen?

Knowing the roots can help us to solve the problem together efficiently. I think the reasons can be in twofold. Firstly, sex is a taboo for most of the older generation. Due to the conservative mind of the Chinese community, parents are less open and willing to discuss sex with their kids. They feel shame to talk about this and they think sex knowledge can be acquired naturally and automatically. This cause our children have misconceptions about the issue.

Besides parents, schools do not play an active role in supporting our students. The present tight school curriculum doesn’t allow room to add one more cross-disciplinary subject. Teachers do not have an opportunity to teach youngsters such an important issue. Even teachers have the passion to teach this, there is still lack of suitable learning materials.

To solve this problem, something must be done. The government and other organizations should hold more exhibitions and talks on sex education to let students have a greater exposure to the issue and to clarify those mysterious concepts. Training to teachers and social worker is also a must so as to deliver knowledge in a proper way. Finally, parents should be supportive of sex education. They should talk more of this openly.

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