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Topics: Malaysia, Najib Tun Razak, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Pages: 16 (5606 words) Published: November 7, 2012
1Malaysia is not a new concept or formula. Rather, the ultimate goal of 1Malaysia, which is national unity, has been the main vision of our country’s leaders before Najib, and has been interpreted in various shapes and forms over the span of five decades of Independence. If we truly study it, what has changed is the approach and implementation according to the ever-changing times and generations. (1Malaysia Booklet, 2009) In other words, 1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity amongst the multi-ethnic people of Malaysia, substantiated by key values that every Malaysian should observe. The approach is not independent of the Government’s policies thus far; instead it complements them to further reinforce our solidarity in order to guarantee stability towards achieving higher growth and development for Malaysia and the people. This means that 1Malaysia is a formula conceptualised as a precondition in ensuring the aspirations of the country to secure a developed status by 2020 are met, if it is inculcated in the minds of the people and practiced by the entire community. If the idea of "Bangsa Malaysia" which was engendered through Vision 2020 becomes the final destination, then 1Malaysia is the roadmap that guides us towards that destination. This definition is built upon the argument that in order achieve the status of a developed nation in the predetermined time frame, the key requisite is a strong and stable country, which can only be achieved when its people stand united. On the other hand 1Malaysia values and respects the ethnic identities of each community in Malaysia, and proudly regards them as an asset or advantage. 1Malaysia underlines the value of "Acceptance" amongst its multi-racial people, where one race embraces the uniqueness of other races so that we may live with mutual respect for each other as a nation. It is a distinct step above that of mere tolerance. The foundation for all this is the principle of justice for all, which means that the welfare of all Malaysians will be looked after, leaving no one behind. Such justice must take into account the varying levels of development of each ethnic community. Hence, government policies and provisions in the Constitution that protect the interests of disadvantaged groups will continue to be implemented.

1Malaysia will continue the agenda of nation-building. To achieve growth for the nation, the people must be the first to be developed, which must begin by instilling a sense of acceptance amongst races, and therefore undivided solidarity. When solidarity is achieved, the task of nation-building can truly and smoothly be carried out. The 1Malaysia formula is conceptualised for implementation in two main aspects. The first is through the assimilation of the Principles of Unity, while the second aspect is the assimilation of Aspirational Values. The Principles of Unity are the three items I had earlier detailed; the first, "acceptance" amongst all races and peoples of Malaysia; the second, nationalistic principles built upon the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara; and thirdly, social justice. These Principles are supported by wholesome values that must be inculcated as part of Malaysian culture, including values such as mutual respect, Tawaddhu', humility and astuteness in forming decisions and actions. The second aspect of the 1Malaysia formula highlights elements that must be practiced by any society seeking to achieve greater competitiveness and success. These elements comprise A Culture of Excellence in performing all duties and responsibilities; A Culture of Precision in terms of time management and improving efficiency; Courage to innovate and explore new opportunities. Meritocracy in assigning tasks to those best fit to execute them in accordance with the Federal Constitution and national policy; unwavering Loyalty to our country; Perseverence in the face of adversity of any kind and Integrity in all matters and transactions. The...
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