1 Analyzing the Employment Policies of Private Bank of Bangladesh (Brac Bank Limited)

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Employment contract Pages: 64 (18098 words) Published: June 17, 2011
* Table of Contents
1Analyzing the Employment Policies of Private Bank of Bangladesh (BRAC Bank Limited)4
1.2Rationale of the Study:4
1.3Statement of the Problem:5
1.4Scope and Delimitation of the study:5
1.5Objectives of the Report:6
1.5.1Broad Objective:6
1.5.2Specific Objectives:6
1.6.1Primary Data:7
1.6.2Secondary Data:7
2Review of Related Literature9
3BRAC Bank at a Glance17
3.2About BRAC Bank17
3.3Shareholding Structure18
3.4International Finance Corporation:19
3.5Shore Cap International Ltd19
3.6Corporate Vision19
3.7Corporate Mission19
3.8Core Values20
3.9Board of Directors and Members of BRAC Bank Limited21
3.10Meetings of BRAC Bank21
3.11Strategic Priorities22
3.12Departments of BRAC Bank LTD22
3.13Target Customers:24
3.14Organ gram of BRAC Bank25
4Employment Policies of BRAC Bank Limited27
4.1Introduction of the Report27
4.2Functions of Human Resource Division:28
4.3Human Resource Division’s Wings:28
4.5Recruitment Policy29
4.6Direct Recruitment31
4.7Recruitment Budget:31
4.8Internal Job Posting31
4.9Recruitment through Promotion32
4.10HR contractual Staff32
4.11Outsource Staff33
4.12Management Trainee Officer (MTO)34
4.13Mode of Recruitment34
4.14Disqualification for Recruitment35
4.16Probation & Confirmation35
4.17Resignation & Termination Policy36
4.18Leave Policy38
4.19Training & Development40
4.20Performance Improvement Procedure42
4.21Promotion Policy44
4.22Reward & Recognition Policy44
4.23Pay Benefits & Allowance Policy49
4.24Retirement Policy58
5Statistical Report61
5.1The Survey61
5.2Analysis of the Survey result61
5.3SWOT Analysis69
6Recommendations & Conclusion71

Part – 1


Analyzing the Employment Policies of Private Bank of Bangladesh (BRAC Bank Limited) Introduction
Internship program is a prerequisite for acquiring BBA degree. Before completion of the degree, every student must undergo the internship program. Internship program is a great opportunity for the graduates to have an experience of the real corporate world before starting their career. Internship in the modern business world helps students to demonstrate skills and competence from their supervised experience and in addition enables them to demonstrate maturity and acceptable professional, personal and interpersonal behavior. As the classroom discussion alone cannot make a student perfect in handling the real business situation, therefore it is an opportunity for the students to get accustomed with the real life situation through this program. I am Nujhat Naila prepared this report under the supervision of Ms. Farheen Hassan, Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration of

, American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) to meet the requirement of the internship program of BBA. Rationale of the Study:
The internship program is very helpful to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience as part of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. This internship report has been designed to have a practical experience through the theoretical understanding. I had my own as well as my banks rational behind selecting this study. First of all I was asked to prepare this topic by my supervisor in the Bank. He asked me to work on this topic so that he can provide me relevant information, which will help me in completing the report. Most importantly my feeling is that I want to know about the...
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