1. Analyze the Decision Process Buyers of Typical Push E-Mail Device Go Through Before Purchasing the Devices.

Topics: Push e-mail, BlackBerry, Microsoft Exchange Server Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 13, 2013
1. Analyze the decision process buyers of a typical push e-mail device go through before purchasing the devices. The buyers’ possible reasons before they arrive at a particular decision of purchasing a typical e-mail device, First the device like push e-mail within their interest, Second it is work-related to them, like the feature of the device of delivering e-mail instantaneously and individually to handset related to their job or benefit the them. Third it match their economical status, the price of the product is within their buying capability. 2. Apply the concept of aspirational groups to the Blackberry brand. Should marketers have boundaries with regard to this concept? The aspirational groups can help in this area because when the aspirational groups see this as a trend more people will buy this product and they will be able to maximize their advertisements to their products. They can in fact use their product to reach out to the aspirational groups to be able to establish a firm market in the Middle East. Marketers should not put boundaries regarding the aspirational groups because as marketers their goals is to reach out to all the people and build a good relationship with customers and they must be patient in understanding the consumers behavior. As marketers and sellers it is their job and must understand different kinds of people. Marketers should rather take them into consideration and not put boundaries because aspirational groups can in fact help the Blackberry brand market and make their product stand out even more and since during the beginning, people are not familiar with how their mobile feature works they really need more people to buy their product in order for them to be able to have more model of Blackberry and be able to maximize the features that they are offering to the people.
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