1.21.2 Describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in the work settings

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  • Published : December 9, 2013
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Indirect Discrimination: Indirect discrimination occurs when policies and practices, which appear neutral or fair because they are applied to everyone, actually disadvantage people and particular groups within society. For example, if a job advertisement states that applicants must be able to drive then this could put a certain people at a disadvantage, such as those with a disability. So for example you may have a school display every year to celebrate Christmas because the majority of the children would be classed as ‘white’ ‘’Christian’. But if other faiths &celebrations are not represented then smaller groups could be discriminated against. Direct discrimination in the work setting occurs when nursery policies which applied to everyone might on purpose disadvantaged children from particular group. For example if the nursery every year celebrate Christmas and making a display and activities about that , but not taking into account that not every child is christen and not celebrating other cultures festivals then children are discriminated one against the other. The other example is when the nursery gets children from one particular group, but not trying to be open for everyone and not getting children from different cultures, countries and race Practitioners might unintentionally categories children in a particular way. For instance girls playing with dolls in a cooking area and boys playing with cars and trucks, girls are more quiet than the boys, concentrate and settle down easier, children with African background are better in sport and music, but not good in academic subjects, physically disabled children will not manage in the sport activities, travelers children live poor life and never achieve anything because of their way of living. This is called stereotyping and this type of practice might not be deliberate. It happens when the practitioner is not aware of his attitude and see children as a group of the same characteristics but not as an...
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