1.2 Policies

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Develop policies and procedures for accidents, illness & emergencies, Behaviour, Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities and explain how these will be implemented.

I have written up the above procedures to suit myself and my home. I will e-mail all my procedures to each parent/carer and ask them to sign to say that they have read them through and understand them. The parent/carer can take the time to read them and then bring to my attention anything that they feel will not work for them or their child. Where possible I will be flexible however I can not change a policy to suit a parent or child if it does not suit my surroundings.

All the policies I have the written up will be available to look at whenever anybody needs to. The parent/carer will be e-mailed a copy (I will print off any copies for parents/carers who do not have access to the internet) I will also show these procedures to any student or new member of staff I may take on in future years to come.

At the bottom of each policy or procedure I have detailed, in the bottom right hand side, when the policy/procedure is to be reviewed. For the first year I will always be going back to my procedures to check I’m doing everything on there and there is nothing new I have to add. However once I am up and running I will review these annually.

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Behaviour Policy

I understand the to need to set out reasonable and appropriate rules to help manage the behaviour of children in my care.

By providing a happy and safe environment I will encourage the children to develop social skills which will help them be accepted and welcomed in society now and as they grow older.

I will not administer physical abuse or any form of punishment with the intent to cause pain nor any kind of humiliation or hurtful treatment of any child in my care.

I will help the children understand the house rules, which are realistic for each child’s age and ability.

I will ensure that
The rules are reasonable and achievable.
When telling a child off for their unacceptable behaviour I am clear in explaining what they did wrong & why the behaviour was unacceptable. I listen to what the children have to say.
I reward good behaviour.

There are several ways to deal with a child who is misbehaving, depending on the situation I may use some of the following Remove the child from the situation and give them a different activity to continue with. If the child is old enough to understand I will discuss their behaviour with them, making sure they understand the consequences this may cause and ensuring they understand its their behaviour I do not like, not them. Depending on the situation and location I may just ignore their bad behaviour, as I feel this is just being done to get a reaction. Removing the child from the situation completely & place them somewhere quietly for a few moments to think about their actions. Removal of treats or stickers.

If a child misbehaves I will inform you by writing it in their daily communication book or inform you after collection as some children may become upset if its told in front of them. I will inform you of the action I took to deal with the mis-behaviour. In most cases the incident will not require any further action from yourself as punishing a child hours after the incident may only cause confusing and upset for no reason.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s behaviour or the way I deal with it please talk to me and we can arrange the best way to deal with it.



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Equal Opportunities Procedure

All the children in my care are given option to play with every toy in my home. None of the toys are just for boys or just for girls

I like to give all...
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