1.2 Explain the Characteristics of the Different Types of Schools in Relation to Educational Stage(S) and School Governance.

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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1. Know the structure of education from early years to post-compulsory education.

1.2 Explain the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance.

Community schools are run and owned by the Local Authority, which may support the school through the local community and also by providing a support service. They will determine the admission policy, also, they will develop the use of school facilities by local groups for example. -Adult education.

- Childcare classes.
Foundation and trust schools are mostly run by the school governing body, they will call the shots on the school admission policy with the local education authority. The school, buildings and the land will be owned by the governing body or may be a charitable foundation.

A trust school which is kind of like a foundation school, which will form a charitable trust with an outside business, although the school will have to provide any additional support services which the school may require. It is up to the governing body and parents on whether the school becomes a trust school or not. There are two types of voluntary schools which are voluntary aided and voluntary controlled.

Voluntary aided schools are mainly religious or faith schools, although anyone can apply for a place their no matter what their background is. As with a foundation school, the governing body. - Employs the staff.

- Sets the admission criteria.
They are funded partly by the governing body, partly by a charity and partly by the Local Education Authority. The governing body helps contribute for any wear and tear on the building, whereas the school building and land are owned by a charitable organisation, which will generally be of a religious background.

Voluntary –controlled schools are funded and run by the Local Authority, like above the school. - Employs the school’s staff.
- Sets the admissions criteria.
The school land and building is...
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