1.1 Identify the Purposes of Different Types of Organizations

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Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI)
Edexcel BTEC HND in Business – HRM

Unit No/Title: Unit 1/Business EnvironmentUnit Code: Y/601/0546

Assignment No: 1/2Assignment Title: Organization Purpose & It’s Environment

Grading Opportunities Available

Date Set: 7th October , 2012 Due Date: 4th November 2012

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Unit No/Title: Unit 1/Business EnvironmentUnit Code: Y/601/0546

Assignment No: 1/2Assignment Title: Organization Purpose & It’s Environment



You should submit the assignment on or before the deadline.
This is a take home assignment.
Submit a hard copy of the documentation and soft copies to be emailed to assignments@hrmi.lk. A hard copy of the first page of this document to be attached to the assignment with your details. All assignments should be spiral bound with BLACK hard board cover as the last sheet. Clearly label the CD’s with your Batch No and Student No, and attached it to the back cover of your assignment. The Assignment should be handed over on or before 7th July , 2012.

Report writing guidelines

Every assignment should have and Introduction and Conclusion. The standard Table of contents should be generated.
Main heading Font: Arial; Size 16.
Sub Heading Font: Arial; Size 14.
Body Text Font: Arial; Size 11.
Line & Paragraph spacing: Single Line.
Margins: Top: 1” Bottom:1” Left:1” Right:1”
Header: Include the module name on Right side.
Footer: Include the page number on the Right side.
All sections should have continuity and pages should be clearly labelled. Referencing: Students are required to use Harvard referencing system. Clear referencing for all the materials, books, articles, websites etc should be given in the following format: Books – Authors, year of publication, title, publisher & editor, page no URL – Complete address e.g http://www.abs.com/index/1234/xyz.asp...and Date Article, Journals – Author of the article, year of publication, title of the article, title of the journal, volume and issue number of the article and page numbers

Please answer all questions.

You may answer the following questions based on the organization that you work with or an organization that you may be familiar with or have access to information. Note for LO 1.1 and 2.1 can be answered in general. However in answering questions 1.2 to 2.3, the answers should be discussed in general and special relevance made as applicable to the organization and industry.

|LO1 Understand the organizational purposes of businesses |Grading |Assessment Type | | |(P/M/D) | | | | | | |LO 1.1 |Identify the purposes of different types of organizations |P.1.1 | | | |Describe the extent to which an organization meets the objectives of different stake|P.1.2 |Individual | | |holders | | | | |Explain the responsibilities...
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