1.1 Explain the Pattern of Development in the First Three Years of Life and the Skills Typically Acquired at Each Stage

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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CU1545 Work With Babies and Young Children To Promote Their Development and Learning

1.1 Explain the pattern of development in the first three years of life and the skills typically acquired at each stage -------------------------------------------------
From birth most babies are born with certain reflexes, some of these are known as survival reflexes. The sucking and swallowing reflexes enable the baby to feed and swallow. You will know when the baby is looking for it’s next feed by the “Rooting” reflex, the baby will start turning it’s head from side to side, start sucking it’s hand it will also open it’s mouth when you touch it cheek, this is the baby looking for the nipple or teat. Babies will also close their fingers around an object when thire palm is touched, this is called the “Grasp” reflex. When a baby hears a loud noise or there is a sudden bright light the baby will usually put it’s hand out and clench their fists, this is known as the “startle “ reflex. When babies are held in a standing position the will generally start making stepping movements this is known as the “Walking and standing” reflex. Will cry when hungry, distressed or tired. The baby at this age will settle with close contact with prime carer. -------------------------------------------------

Babies from 1 month will be more settled with their surroundings, As the baby grows you might be able to hear the difference in the cries and know when the baby is hungry, a baby crying and lifting its knees to its tummy is sometimes a signal that they have a tummy ache and are in need of winding. they will be more familiar with the noises around them so are less likely to be startled when there is a loud noise or bright light. They generally will have settled into a pattern, still sleep a lot but have longer periods of time when they are awake, they will start to recognise voices of carers or siblings and this may settle them when they are upset, they have a visual range of up to 20-25cm...
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