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Solve S = 4v2 for v
s = 4v²
√s = 2v
(√s)/2 = v

Solve M = 2x + 3y for y.

Solve t = p+3r/6 for r.

Solve V = π r2h for h.

Solve P = 2(l + w) for l. What are the missing values in the table?


Create your own unique literal equation and solve for one of the variables. Show your work. Then, using complete sentences, explain how you solved for the variable you chose. (2 points) x + 2 = y

Next I am going to subtract 2 from both sides of problem
x + 2 - 2 = y - 2

Now I'm going to simplify by combining like terms.

x = y - 2

Using complete sentences, explain how solving a literal equation is similar to or different from simplifying an expression such as 6 - 2(52 + 7) ÷ 4. (2 points) Simplifying a literal equation gives you the value of a variable in relation to the rest of the equation. Simplifying an expression that does not have a variable is just a matter of using PEMDAS 8.

Using complete sentences, explain what might happen if the order of operations was used to solve a literal equation. (1 point)

You would not be able to solve the equation. Because you would still have the variable. A lot of times you have to use addition or subtraction before you use multiplication or division, and if you did not you would in the end be stuck with a unfinished problem.
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