01. Critical Factors of Effective Project Management

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Emerald Article: Critical factors of effective project management Svetlana J.K. Cicmil

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Perspectives Critical factors of effective project management Svetlana J.K. Cicmil

Introduction to the emerging paradigm of project management
In recent years the discipline of project management (PM) has changed its application dramatically to accommodate emerging management processes and philosophies related to implementation of organizational development and strategic change. Contemporary literature on best business practice introduces many different terms related to PM, including management by projects, project-based organizations, project-oriented businesses, temporary project organization and project form of organizational structure. Projects are becoming a template for operational and strategic re-design[1]. Reasons are numerous, and they reflect endeavours of modern organizations to respond to the environmental changes by adopting specific patterns of coping behaviour: • the implementation of strategic management through projects makes the achievement of highest returns possible by optimal utilization of resources available (including time, money and people) more realistic; • the expansion of human knowledge creates the need for an effective organizational design to support knowledge management for competitive advantage through intraorganizational integration, professional and functional concurrence based on project teams, inter-organizational networking and “win-win” partnerships in project situations; • companies are increasingly seeking the way of effective product development and market expansion – management by projects provides a disciplined approach to gaining competitive advantage by getting the right product, in time, to market The...
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