'the Great Chestnut Tree' Creative Writing Piece

Topics: Season, Chestnut, Leaf Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Great Chestnut Tree

Smells of fresh blossoming flowers wafted through the forest with the breeze and subtle warmth of spring. The great chestnut tree had grown new foliage along with the budding pods of chestnuts among them. Whistles and nibble noises could be heard inside of the hollow in the great chestnut tree’s trunk and the scrabbles of tiny claws could be felt on the floor of the hollow. Rustles were heard all over the forest, full of animals and insects enjoying the spring warmth after the cold, harsh days of winter. A small grey and black rabbit poked its head out of the shelter of some brambles close to the chestnut tree and cautiously glanced around, it made a couple of little hops forward out of the brambles and looked back at where three smaller rabbits crouched with bright eyes. Quickly the grey and black rabbit hopped around the great chestnut tree and disappeared into the safety of other bushes, the three littler rabbits stumbling after. The days of spring brought warmer days in the sun and many more animals that played around near the great chestnut tree when it wasn’t raining.

Slowly but surely, the days started to get longer and warmer. The sun was always bright and high in the sky and the days that rain came to the forest were scarcer than before. Humidity had also graced the forest along with the heat, and the days became rather uncomfortable. The great chestnut tree’s chestnut pods weren’t just little buds anymore, but had grown to be spiky and round and the leaves of the tree weren’t as green and fresh as they were, but they filled the great chestnut tree to each inch of the branches. When the sun made its path down the sky and the dark of night came across the sky, the crickets and cicadas chirps and buzzes, along with other sounds of creatures, made the forest like an orchestra. It was cool in these summer nights, humidity cleared from the forest and a nice wind swept the lingering heat from the day away. Rolling black clouds...
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