'Rca Work in Progress' Review

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RCA: WORK IN PROGRESS Platform 16: Product Design Review of Exhibition by Sarah Waters Platform 16 Mission = “think about the world through the medium of product design...Objects are meaningful only together with their settings, whether physical, cultural, narrative, material, or technological.” Brief = “Make a table out of a table that had something to say about tables” Material = All students worked with the Ikea Bjorkudden solid Birch dinning table. Length 119cm, Width 74cm, Height 74cm

The most interesting designs....
Cast Table Table by Lina Patsiou

Exhibition layout.....
Platform 16 had the most simple layout of all the projects which suited the deceptively simple task and large scale of work. However with a mission for “deep understanding of the situations in which designed products find themselves” I was surprised that this context was not focused on more perhaps with in-situ photography, sketches, user interaction etc. The layout created sculptures of the tables removing them from function & context. The research book “encyclopedia of Tables” was a valuable addition bearing in mind the emphasis on the chair as a gauge of design development and reflection of the times. I also liked the tear-off product cards with image, title and contact details for the designer, they are reminiscent of Ikea product reference sheets to record your desired object on.

The shadow cast by the table was used to compose the basic structure of the new design. As long as light shines this technique could be never ending and constantly changing, natures version of a parametric design! Lina is researching the table as an object with literal contextual space, the new structure formed from shadows is physically realising its boundaries. I would question whether she has also expressed the social function of coming together, of unfolding & developing she describes as well as exploring spacial presence as her object is now static, it seems more to comment on territory of...
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