'Organisations That Need to Recruit Constantly from Outside Are Admitting to Failure- They Also Take a Huge Gamble on a Largely Unknown Person.' Discuss

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'Organisations that need to recruit constantly from outside are admitting to failure- they also take a huge gamble on a largely unknown person.' Discuss

This paper is a result of the debate in connection with recruiting externally which is considered to be gambling and consequently results in disaster for the organisation. This paper looks in to details of the two types of recruitment sources which are categorise into Internal and External Recruitment. They have been explained briefly. Detail description of the merits and demerits of internal recruitment has been put down in this paper to prove my point that it is disadvantageous to recruit externally to certain extent. Certain merits include avoiding adverse selection, motivating staff and so forth .However, rose is always accompanied by thorns and hence recruiting internally has certain demerits. It includes work place examples and real life examples to support my view. While discussing merits and demerits of internal recruitment, certain merits and demerits of external recruitment are also brought to support the view. Moreover, this paper supports its views with the help of journal articles and textbook resources. Finally, at the end, it will be very clear that I agree to the point in debate to an extent.

In the new millennium, organisations are facing varieties of challenges. Consequently, to combat those challenges, human resource is an asset to an organisation. The questions which come to mind where the organisations get the employees to work for them. Sources of recruitment have been in debate since long. Many commentators are of the view that recruiting the people from outside the organisation is risky venture. It results in failure for the organisation. People who advocate such development believe that recruiting the people from internally is more beneficial to the organisation. In my opinion, I agree to an extent on the development in discussion. To come to conclusion, we need to understand the sources of recruitment and their merits and demerits. Internal Recruitment:

Internal Recruitment means looking for suitable employees within organisation to fill the vacant positions (Dessler, Griffiths & Lloyd -Walker, 2004, p.185). Internal recruitment can be in the form of either promotion or internal transfer. External recruitment:

External recruitment means looking for competent employees in an external environment to fill the vacant position. External recruitment can be in the form of hiring through independent contractors or in any other form (Stone, 2008).

To begin with, motivation of employees is enhanced when they are promoted. According to Maslow’s theory, self-esteem need is primarily important in one’s life. Esteem need includes respect, reputation and recognition. When an employee is promoted, it lead to self-confidence and improves the productivity .It has been noticed that when direct supervisors who do not recognise the work of their subordinates, it leads to dissatisfaction of an employee and employee will leave the organisation (Golnaz & Clarke, 2011, p.47). At the end of the day, it helps the organisation to increase the loyalty of the employees. To have an employee in organisation is easy but to have a loyal employee is a difficult thing .For instance, Currently, I am working in supermarket. I have seen people feeling motivated when they are promoted to Departmental Manager from supervisor. If the employees are not promoted within organisation, they will lose their morale (Stone, 2008, p.208). When the employees are working hard for the organisational goals, they expect appraisal. Hence, when they do not receive appraisal for their performance, they will not be encourage to work hard. In addition, Training is regarded as non-essential spending by some organisation. During dark times, organisations consider developing people as spending (Alicia, 2012, p.34) .When the employees...
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