'Nwaifunaya' a Child of Love

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A soldier's bride sammendrag
30. januar 2013
A girl named Ngozi aged 16 and a boy called Obi aged 17 are in love with each other. Obi attends school, and Ngozi has just passed the exam needed to enter one of the Secondary Schools. Her father does not want her to go to college because he thinks it’s a waste of money, since she will not be there to support her family in the future, but meet and marry a man and move away with him. Obi pays the school deposit, and Ngozi persuades her father to let her go to college.  

After a short time at secondary school, a civil war breaks out in the country, and all institutions closes. The girl has to move back to her village. Her father, who has suddenly become in need of money, tries to persuade her to marry some of the locals, so that he will recieve money from the dowry. She refuses because she still loves Obi, but she is later forced to marry a local trader because he has offered her father a large amount of money. The marriage did not work very well, because she was running away from the house every night, later to be hunted down by her father again, because he was afraid of the trader wanting to have his money back.  

After some years where she did not become pregnant, the trader took a second wife, and the girl divorced so that she would not have to live with a man she didn’t love. After the war Obi returned, and continued his school. Later he asked Ngozi if she wanted to marry him, even though some of his uncles and aunts questioned this decision, since the girl was known to be barren. Obi and Ngozi married, she went back to secondary school, and they later got a son which they called “Nwaifunaya”, a child of love.
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