'Needs' of Consumers Are Artificially Created

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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“ 'Needs' of consumers are artificially created ”
“I think the big force is going to be consumer buying power.” Roy Romer

Markets have always been relying on consumers. Their main purpose was to satisfy consumer necessities and this is what most of the producers did. From old times they tried to trace people needs and to come with solutions to it. All the products were made to please the consumers so that the firms would have revenues higher than costs. This would follow to profits that would incite the manufacturers to produce more. As time went by, tastes of consumers began to change due to the fact that there were too many goods in the market. Then, for the first time, marketing was applied. In order to stand up to demand for new things producers began to search for new paths to satisfy clients and to be able to supply the market with necessary quantity of demanded products. Marketing became an indispensable tool which indeed helped producers to satisfy consumer needs and wishes. By searching for new opportunities to be closer to clients, marketing extended the concept of market by introducing wishes besides needs. The concept of a need never changed, because the same needs that people had 200 years ago, have we – air, food, shelter, but 200 years ago we were not rich as we are now. People tended to use all their resources for needs. Nowadays we have larger economies which give us opportunities to spend more and to be able to fulfill our needs and besides that to meet some of our wishes. Marketing creates needs by satisfying wishes. An empirical example would be the mobile phone which is considered today a created need. In fact it was created for people to be able to communicate easier than they used to. In 2009, cell phone subscription reached 4.6 billion which denotes that roughly more than half of the people on the Earth had a mobile phone. In my opinion it was not a need until it appeared, but definitely it...
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