'Marionettes, Inc.' by Ray Bradbury

Topics: Marriage, Love, Protagonist Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Main characters implied by the author of this extract are Mr. Braling, his marionette Braling 2, Mr. Smith, as well as Smith’s wife Nettie (her her marionette, to be precise), and Mr. Braling’s wife. The protagonist of this text is Mr. Braling, who is ‘about thirty-five’ years old, ‘tall spare gentleman with the mustache and the grieved eyes’ and ‘with a touch of grey at either temple ’. He regrets his ten-year marriage with his wife, who actually forced Braling to marry her, as it may be seen in this dialogue between Braling and Smith: ‘And how she tore her clothes and rumpled her hair and threatened to call the police unless you married her.’ ‘She always was nervous, Smith, understand.’

‘It was more than unfair. You didn’t love her. You told her as much, didn’t you?’ Braling, after being in unhappy marriage for ten FUCKING years, finally finds out a way how to fulfil his dream – visit Rio- it implies by obtaining a marionette (Braling 2) who looks exactly the same, performs exactly like a human being. The antagonist of this extract is Braling 2, who is a marionette, a robot, who looks exactly the same as Braling does ‘Wonderful! He even smells like you: Bond Street and Melachrinos!’ Nevertheless, there is only two differences between Braling and Braling 2 – Braling 2 has no real heart and he works as a mechanisms, but in the same time, in opposite of Mr. Braling, Braling 2 is in love with Mr. Braling’s wife which clearly can be seen in this dialogue between Braling and Braling2: ‘And another thing. Your wife.’

‘What about her?’ asked Braling, beginning to edge towards the door. ‘I’ve grown quite fond of her.’
‘I’m glad you’re enjoying your employment.’ Braling licked his lips nervously. ‘I’m afraid you don’t understand. I think – I’m in love with her.’ That is when the climax of the story happens – Braling 2 announces that he is in love with Braling’s wife, that he does not want to live in cellar-box anymore, which leads the reader to the...
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