'an Inspector Calls' - Analysis

Topics: An Inspector Calls, J. B. Priestley, Drama Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: April 15, 2013
‘An Inspector Calls’
An Inspector Calls is a play about secrets and mysteries. The play revolves around the death of a young working-class woman called Eva Smith. An Inspector arrives during the celebration of Sheila and Gerald’s engagement celebration at the Birling household. Under interrogation, each character’s secret is revealed and we find out that each of them is linked to the death of Eva Smith. Mr Birling admits to sacking her for being one of the leaders of a strike for higher wages, Sheila too admits she got Eva Smith sacked out of jealousy and anger as a job assistant, Gerald admits that Eva Smith who renamed herself as Daisy Renton was his mistress for six months, Mrs Birling is forced to admit the girl asked for help from a charity she worked for and was refused. Eva Smith was pregnant, Mrs Birling, oblivious to the fact that Eric was the father, lays the blame fully on the father of Eva’s unborn child, coincidently, Eric walks in at this precise moment and confesses that he got the girl pregnant and that he stole money from his father’s firm to support her. Learning that the girl appealed to his mother for help and turned her down, Eric fully blames his mother for her death. The Inspector makes a brief speech about the consequences of social responsibility. After a long evening of questioning, the Inspector leaves and the characters start to question his manner. All was not what it seemed. Between them, Gerald and Mr Birling gradually prove that the man wasn’t a real Inspector. A telephone call to the Chief Constable establishes there is no Inspector Goole on the police force. A telephone call to the Infirmary reveals that there has been no recent suicide. Eric and Sheila continue to feel guilty about what they have done, but the others had instantly shrugged off any guilt. At the very end of Act Three, Mr Birling answers the telephone. We find out that a young woman has just died on her way to the Infirmary and that an inspector is on his way to...
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